Custom rubber stamps can be made personalized for you, whether it be a logo, signature, return address, or more. There are many ways to use them. One can also use it for decorative purposes. 

Rubber stamps have really come a long way. At one time, only pre made stamps were available and you had to use an ink pad with them. Now, stamps can be found in a multitude of shapes, sizes and styles and you can even order custom rubber stamps for personal or business use.

They are available in the traditional rubber stamp, self inking and handy pre-inked models. One can easily order a custom made rubber stamp from the comfort of their home by going online. 

Pre-inked and Self Ink Rubber Stamps 

Pre-inked custom rubber stamps store the ink in the dye and self inking stamps will have a built in stamp pad which can usually be refilled. This makes them more economical than pre-inked, which will only make as many impressions as is determined at time of manufacturing. Traditional rubber custom made stamps are the cheapest of the three as you can use a stamp pad.

The pad will last you an eternity as long as you don’t let it dry out by leaving it open. The only drawback to the non-inked stamp is that you have to make sure to use even pressure when inking to get a good imprint whereas the self and pre-inked will create fairly clean lines. 


The popularity of scrapbooking has made it possible to find almost any style of rubber stamp. With each style you can create beautiful works of art, each page made unique by the application of a different stamp. Custom rubber stamps can be made to personalize your pages even more. Create theme pages by using a single custom stamp or grouping them together based on the theme of the pictures. Use wedged rubber stamps to decorate the pages corners. 

Wedding Invitations 

Homemade wedding invitations are another great use for rubber stamps. Professionally printed invitations tend to all be relatively the same, but invitations personalized by the bride and groom will add a very special touch. Choose a stamp design you wan to decorate the invitation card stock and a colorful ink pad of a preferred color. Dip the rubber stamp in ink then stamp the design onto the card stock quickly sprinkle with embossing powder and shake off excess. Heat gently to create a smooth, glossy finish designed in the chosen shape. 

Custom Address Stamps 

Make adding your return address to personal or business mail a snap with custom made address stamps. They’re a very practical investment and can add a personal or professional touch to envelopes and packages. Custom logos or small pictures like a house, snowflake, flower or animal can be placed next to the text. A custom rubber stamp may seem like it’s a bit costly but custom labels are far more expensive and much more tedious. 

Acrylic Un-Mounted Rubber Stamps 

For acrylic un-mounted rubber stamps visit the Stamp-n-Craft website. The mounts come in various sizes and small ones cost around $3.00, or wood mounts are cheaper at $1.00. Very inexpensive considering you only need to buy a few sized mounts to use with many different stamps.

They have mount sets as well which will save you a bit compared to buying them individually. sells custom rubber stamps and self inking stamp with up to six lines of text allowed. Great for stamping your return addresses on mail! The possibilities are endless and the great thing about a rubber stamps they will nearly last you a lifetime.