If you are searching for customized self-inking stamps in Singapore, this post will help you find them. Singapore is an excellent place to go if you need a custom stamp quickly and at a reasonable price. You will have everything from a unique customized self-inking stamp to 13 lines of custom text and any other thing that is in between. We will look at the current cost of a customized self-ink stamp in Singapore in this article.  

One fantastic thing about this stamp is that before each impression, there is a self-inking mount that helps in refilling the rubber with ink into its inner ink pad, making it ideal for simple and repetitive stamping. The ink of the stamp is re-inkable and refillable, and it comes in a variety of colors. These stamps have a high-quality design that can be used for several times. It also comes with a unique, reusable ink pad that doubles the pad's life. The self-inking stamp may be used as a stamp for address, a personalized stamp for firms, and arts and crafts stamp, and many others.  

The cost of self-inking stamps in Singapore is mainly determined by the amount of time it takes to produce the stamp, the number of ink colors used in the stamp, and the complexity of your stamp artwork. Those stamps with a business logo would typically require a skilled rubber stamp artist to transform the logo from a CMYK color model to a black and white format to produce the best artwork for fabrication.  

If you can wait for a longer amount of time, usually between a day to 3 days, to get the company stamp, the cost would not be much compared to when you get it within a short time. If you need the company stamp quickly, the rubber stamp manufacturer can charge a fee between $20 to $40 in addition to the rubber stamp price. Rubber stamps are usually less expensive compared to self-inking stamps due to their lower material costs.

If the lead time is about 1 to 3 working days and you need a company stamp right away, a self-inking stamp would be less expensive than a rubber stamp. The equipment used to create a self-inking stamp allows most self-inking stamp manufacturers in Singapore to produce self-inking stamps within an hour.  

Last but not least, when producing a self-inking stamp, if you choose two colors on the stamp impression, the expense of the self-inking stamp will be greater, while the two or multi-color alternative will not be possible with a rubber stamp. If you are concerned with the company's image, consider creating a two-color company stamp, as the stamp impression would seem professional to both your clients and suppliers. 

Having known the cost of a self ink stamp in Singapore, you should be thinking of the possibility of getting one soon. Since it's something you would need, then you should buy it.