It is not a strange way to say that stickers are ever-popular. The popularity of stickers never fades away, and in fact, custom stickers’ popularity is blooming again these past few years. One of the reasons of the surge of custom stickers is no other than youngsters in social media.  

Social media has always been a vessel of expression of today’s youth. In recent years, many parts of the world have seen the vehemence of independent young people that build a name for themselves through social media. Many of which expanded their branding power to start their own business. And believe it or not, custom stickers have a huge play in this. In this article, we are going to dive headfirst into why customizing stickers is deemed trendy by these young people and why it is beneficial for them. 

1. Stickers Can Turn a Blank Object into a Form of Self-Expression 

Customizing Singapore sticker allows them to express themselves in a way that feels personal and intimate. Not only for decoration purposes, but also stickers are also used to show their interests outwardly. With custom stickers, they are able to express their hobby, favourite stars, pop-cultural references, and even their sense of humour. They usually stick their stickers onto their everyday items like laptops, notebooks, cars, and many more. By doing that, they are adding a little bit of their own individuality onto the blank objects to set them apart from anyone else’s and potentially attract people that have similar quirks like them. A little drawback of these stickers would be their tendency to become a quick visual shorthand for one’s personality and identity that make it easy for people to form a preliminary judgment on them. But, hey, it’s an era of owning your own individuality so a little eye roll can’t stop these young people!