2. Customizing Stickers to Showcase One’s Artworks 

Many types of visual art can be transformed beautifully into stickers. To name a few: painting, sketches, illustration, typography, and even photography! Many young people who are talented in visual art use stickers as a way to being seen and to get their artwork out into a physical world. These stickers can also be seen as a moving (and sticky!) portfolio for them. It allows them to showcase their art wherever they go which is an effective way of advertising.  

3. Drawing Attention to Social Activism and One’s Political View 

Perhaps this is one of the latest trends of stickers: to draw attention to social activism. These days, young people in the world have been actively partaking in many activities to support a certain social cause. They use every means available to amplify their views, and that includes customizing stickers for a social cause and sticking them on their everyday items to let their views be seen. 

4. Promoting Their Business 

Just like the conventional way of customizing stickers, young people on social media use them to promote their business. When they venture into business, they often give out free stickers with every purchase. This allows their customers to put the sticker Singaporeanywhere they want that can help the business owners to build brand awareness for years to come. In particular, stickers can also be a mainline business for young artists since they often sell their artworks in the form of stickers.