Decorate Your Store with Easel Stand: Part 1

An easel stand is usually used by artists to help them hold the canvas while working on the art or to put the artwork in a gallery. But the easel stand doesn't just have that function, it can be a useful item for many things. For example, it can be a decoration for the store. If you have a business store and want to make it looks prettier so people can enjoy shopping at your store, this can help you. Here are some decorating ideas using an easel stand.

Putting artworks at your store can be a good choice. It does not have to be expensive art from a famous artist. It could be just abstract art or some images that fit your store. You can put the artwork on an easel stand and put it in the corner or near the cash register, so people can see it.

Mini easel stand
You can use a mini easel stand for the product names, discount tags, announcements, etc. Mini easel stand looks cute and can make your store more informative. You can make your custom mini easel stand or buy it from an easel store in Singapore.

Sandwich Board
An easel stand can help you hold your sandwich board. Most of the stores have a sandwich board in front of the door to tell people about new products, new offers, or special events. Use the easel stand that sturdy enough because it will be used outdoors.