SEO gurus often emphasize how critical deeplinks are for link building and, therefore, also for SEO. 

But what is a deeplink, and what do you have to consider when setting a deeplink? Here's everything you need to know about the topic. 

What is a Deeplink? 

A deeplink is a link that refers to a subpage of a domain. Deeplinks are used to improve navigation through a website. Besides, those links play an essential role in search engine optimization, especially for building backlinks. Deeplinks also enable the Google crawler to understand the website structure better. 

The opposite of a deeplink is a so-called surface link that points to the start page.  

The link is an example of a Surfacelink., on the other hand, is a deeplink. This takes the user directly to the underside with the recipe for the strawberry cake with meringue.  

Deeplinks are helpful because they save time. Here the reader will immediately find the recipe for the strawberry cake with meringue without having to fish through the menu items. 

Why Are Deeplinks Important for SEO? 

In general, high-quality backlinks are a powerful tool to improve the ranking of a website. Often, however, they only lead to the start page. This is because the link-setters often give little thought to the quality of their links. 

Especially with long-tail keywords, deeplinks are more helpful in ranking higher. Long-tail keywords consist of more than three words, for example, "SEO plugin for WordPress".  

Anyone who starts such a niche search wants to achieve exact hits. If the deeplink leads him precisely to the subpage that presents the best SEO plugins for WordPress, the website builds its authority in this area.