Definition of Branding and The Reason Why Businesses Must Think About It


Branding is a part of marketing. People think that these two are separate and businesses can make do by only "selling" their product without creating a strong branding first.

Of course, this is untrue.


In business, branding is very important and must not be overlooked. It holds a lot of benefits that simple marketing cannot do.

So, what is branding and what are the advantages of it? Find out the answer in this article.


What is Branding?

Branding is the effort of creating name symbol, design, other elements that make the business. This also includes the brand mission as well as the value that is represented by the designed visuals. This way, a brand and product can distinguish itself from the competitor and win the market. With proper branding, your product or service can become more memorable, trusted, and always chosen by your loyal customers.


In the efforts of branding, there are many things that you can do and utilize, such as making advertisements, strengthening customer services, giving out promotional merchandise, and more.


The Importance of Branding

1. Grants You Recognition

Without branding, your brand and product cannot be recognized by your target audience once it is out in the market. If your brand is unknown, how are you going to get buyers and make profits? That is why one of the most important parts of branding is making an eye-catching logo to easily get recognized and remembered by people. Slogan and tagline can also help. Making a great first impression is important, and branding is the way to do it.


2. Boosts Business Value

A company or brand with strong branding can increase the business value. Surely, this provides very advantageous leverage in the industry and the market. When it has great business value, more people are interested to invest in it. In the long term, your business can flourish and remain thriving.


3. Build Trust

Proper branding with a professional-looking logo and appearance, in general, can help you create a desirable impression. That way, people can perceive your company or brand as reputable and trustable. This opens up opportunities to get more customers, and even keeping them loyal for repurchase.


4. Helps Effective Advertising

Without establishing the brand's guidelines first as a part of branding, you won't be able to create an advertisement that is suitable both for your brand and the target audience. So, branding first, then market and advertise after that. This way, you can make a cohesive look as well as a consistent brand message.


6. Retain Employee and Increase Satisfaction

Employees that work with a company or brand that is reputable and strong tend to feel more satisfied and proud. This can boost their performance as they take pride in what they do. Of course, they tend to feel more satisfied as well and are more willing to do their best for your company.


Branding is definitely not something that you should put a blind eye on. If you haven't thought up about your branding strategy, start doing it now.