Design and Print Intriguing Brochures in Singapore With These 3 Tips


There are several factors of brochure printing in Singapore that work together to create a successful marketing tool. Many of you are also aware that one of the most significant aspects of a brochure is the layout/design and copywriting. There are, though, a few other things you can do to improve the quality of your brochure and make it look more intriguing. As long as you have the needed creativity and tools, the possibilities for brochure printing are almost limitless. Here are few more ideas for making a brochure that stands out and has an impact on your future customers.


1. Embossing

Create a 3D effect with your brochure and make it irresistible.  This would undoubtedly enhance the visual appeal of the brochure while simultaneously appealing to the senses. Not only does making an emboss on the brochure improve its appearance, but it also encourages people to touch and hopefully read it. Choose an appropriate point on the brochure to emboss, such as the most relevant line or another focal point.


2. Get additional folds

Most people go for a single fold, which gives a brochure four sides. However, you may opt to add more folds to yours to make it stand out even more. You may also be able to include more information on your brochure as a result of this.


To make a special impression, pick from half-folds, tri-folds, or even spiral-folds. This will make the brochure stand out from the crowd. While creating brochures with folds complicates the concept slightly, this extra work, nonetheless, would undoubtedly be worthwhile.


3. Print in high quality

The quality of your brochure has a significant impact on the final impression of your brochure. You should select slightly thicker paper than others to give the brochure a glossy finish to make a high-quality brochure. It will give the brochure a more polished appearance while still increasing the durability.


Whatever creative elements that you decide to incorporate into your brochure, make sure to proofread it before sending it to the printer. Proofreading comprises not only searching for typos and grammatical errors but also looking for flaws in the design or information. To double-check the brochure, request the help of friends or other people as well. Often, others will be able to see the flaws you make, which you usually miss.  Those people can also aid you by providing valuable design feedback, which is valuable for the next brochure design and printing attempts.


Take note that if you want to make your brochure stand out, you will have to spend more money on production, especially if you add finishes and other embellishments for it. If done excessively, the well-known cost-effective brochure as a marketing tactic can become costly instead. If it does not suit the budget of your business, keep your brochures simple while ensuring that they highlight their positive points in order to stand out and have a strong impact.


So, that's how to make your brochure stand out more among the others. They are simple things but go a long way for your marketing attempt. So, don't forget to try out those tips!