Today, social media is a great place for businesses to show their online appearance to a wider audience. However, having a social media account is not enough for a business. That won't lead businesses easily into success in increasing their brand awareness, connecting with their customers or potential customers, or even boosting their sales. So, how to run a social media account that can open a successful way for a business?  

It is impossible to answer that is only a single absolute factor that influences the success of a business on social media because there are actually a lot of things that help businesses to be successful on social media. But, one of the many factors that you should know is that your post or content design plays an important role in guiding your business to succeed on social media. 

Speaking of design, what makes it matter? Actually, there are many reasons why design influences business success on social media, some of them are because the design can make content more engaging, make a brand looks more professional, increase brand recognition, and more! So now, we know what makes design important!  

But are there any tips in designing for social media content or posts? 

Instead of talking about several tips that you should follow, what about talking about a few things that you should avoid when designing your social media post? If you are curious about that, here are a few of them!