Things You Should Avoid When Designing Social Media Post or Content 

1. Misplaced the CTA (Call to Action) 

Call to Action (CTA) is one of the marketing terms that can guide and motivate the audience to take an action. But, if you put the CTA in the wrong place, the result may not be as high as you expected. One of the instances of putting the CTA in the wrong place is that if you want the audience to see the whole information first, but you put the CTA at the top of your post. That probably won't work really well. That is why you should avoid misplacing the CTA in your social media post.  

2. Identical 

Consistency is crucial in designing social media content. But that doesn't mean each of your post or content has to be identical. You can still be consistent by making a visual feel and a few elements in your content or post remain the same. 

3. Blurry and Pixelated Image 

You have a good image to upload to social media, but once you upload it, you realize that your image becomes blurry and not pleasing in the eyes. Actually, poor image quality can make your brand or business looks unprofessional! Hence, you must avoid it! But how? You can avoid this by finding out the optimal resolutions and sizes for each social media. After that, make sure that your image meets the requirements needed.  

4. Using the Wrong Typeface 

Some of the unique typefaces, with their charm, captivate some of us to use them! But, sometimes, choosing unique typefaces are not a good idea. Actually, if the typeface you choose is easy to read, then just go for it! However, if the typeface that you chose make the information in your post difficult to read, that is what we mean by "not a good idea". So, to make you accurately and effectively convey the message that you want to inform through your post, please avoid using a typeface that most likely will make the audience confused to read the information.