The number of social media users continues to skyrocket, which is why social media is a great place for businesses to showcase their offer. 

Today, having a social media account is indeed necessary for business since there are so many benefits that can be gained by having social media account! With social media, a business can communicate with its customers, expand its audience, generate leads, and many more! Because of that, social media is a must in business nowadays. But online appearances on social media alone are not enough to lead your business to success. Many factors influence the success of your business on social media, and one of them is the design of the social media post. 

But does design really play an important role in a business? What makes design crucial in social media posts? Let's find out the answer below!  

1. It Builds the First Impression!  

First impressions matter in business! That is why, many businesses invest in a lot of things that can help them build a good impression, including graphic design for their social media post.  

Social media is one of the first ways where potential customers may interact with your brand or business for the very first time. Because of that, to build a good first impression through social media, a business should not ignore the importance of graphic design for their posts. With well-designed content, a business can build a great impression about its brand from the perspective of potential customers or audiences.