Given what we know about the increase in mobile search engine traffic and how Google has changed the way it indexes the web because of this, designing your “mobile” store is of paramount importance.  

Mobile commerce has boomed in recent years and, according to recent data, it is expected that the vast majority of online sales will be made through smartphones by 2021.

Specifically, experts estimate that 72.9% of e-commerce revenues will come from mobile consumers. 

Until a short time ago, the conversion rate remained to the advantage of the desktop version, even if mobile traffic was already more important.

However, when properly designed, the product pages can lay the foundation for a more efficient conversion tunnel, which will help increase the conversion rates of your website.  

We will therefore focus on designing product pages that are optimized for mobile devices.  

Key Details  

Without scrolling, a customer must be able to read a certain number of essential details, which must therefore be above what is called “the fold”.  

How you decide what you put at the top of your mobile product pages depends on what is most important to your target. For example:  

  • The breadcrumb trail  
  • The main image of the product  
  • The name of the product, for example, cute sticker printing
  • The price  
  • A size or color selector, if required  
  • The stock  
  • The “Add to Cart” button