A good name card is essential for the growth of a company. For that reason, you should not only have one but do everything possible to make it appropriate and according to your objectives. 

In this sense, to design and print a business card, certain aspects must be taken into account. Here, we will show you some tips that will surely be of great help to you to obtain first-class name cards! 

Before Designing 

Before designing, you should consider what you want to be on the card, the amount of information, the format, and your budget. 


A business card is a piece of paper with information about a professional or company. Therefore, you should pay detailed attention to what you will show. 

The information contained therein should be useful and brief to avoid overloading the card with unnecessary elements. 

For example, a company that manufactures household furniture should display general company data such as name, address, or phone numbers. 

You should also think about how to capture the information, trying to do it in a creative, elegant, and striking way. You have the choice in your hands. Choose wisely! 


You should also take into account your budget since this will determine how you can make your name cards. You must be aware of what you can and cannot do. 


If you already know what should go on your business card printing, now you have to think about how many you will print. It is not the same to make 50 cards as making 700 exemplars. 


The format indicates how the card, the material, and the printing will look. By knowing your budget, you can understand what you can do and what design you can afford to create. 

When Designing 

Do not get out of the concept 

Let your creativity flow but be careful. Do not get out of the concept of conventional name cards. Remember that this will be your image. You can innovate and add original elements, but do it strategically. 


People will want to read your business card right when they receive it. Take care of the spelling and the correct size of the text. Also, pay attention to color so that the words contrast with the other parts of the card and can be read. 

Material Physical Factors 

Take into account the physical factors of the material you are going to use. There is a certain type of material that can react differently when printed using ink. For example, newsprint could turn into a complete disaster in said cases! 

Color Guide 

Use a color guide to see how the colors will look like after printing. 

Vector Software 

Use vector software to design the card for better results. If you don't know how to do it, ask a professional for help. 


Do not forget the edges. Your name cards will be cut after printing. Therefore, we recommend leaving between 4 and 6 millimeters of space near the edges. 

After Designing 

Now that you have your business card, here's what to do before printing. 

Check the Data 

Verify that all the data is there before printing the card and that it is correct. 

Print Samples 

This step is complementary to the previous one. If you have a personal printer, do tests to verify that everything is okay before sending the cards to the printer. 

Run a Color Test 

A color test is a test print to see what the card would look like before making the final print. Make it before printing large quantities to avoid errors and losses! 

Final thoughts. 

Remember that your name card is part of your marketing strategy and can make the difference between your project's success and failure.