How to Design a Wedding Invitation Card: Part 3
4. Colour palette.
This is not a must, but using the colour palette on your wedding venue on your wedding invitation card would look more cohesive with the rest of the aesthetic. Perhaps you have a beach wedding, then maybe integrating blue, white and green could be an option or maybe you are going to have a wedding in a barn, then maybe using warm coloured tones on the invitation letter would make everything look cohesive and intact with the aesthetic. Or maybe you want to stick with the traditional look, then using a muted colour palette like the colour cream, gold and pastel colours would give off a more traditional and elegant look to the invitation card.
5. Wording and typography.
As you have probably seen, most of the time people use a cursive font in their wedding invitation, almost all of the time it is only used for the name of the people who are getting married. And the rest of the invitation would be written in normal font. You can choose from any font available out there, but always make sure that it is readable and clear. When you are using a cursive font, make sure to use a bigger size, because using a cursive font with a smaller size can create a difficulty for your guest to read, especially the elderly, so make sure that you pick the right font that fits into your wedding aesthetic and readable for everyone. And for wording, you should use simple and clear wording so it would not take too much space while still getting the message across to the invitees.
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