The most successful companies of the moment have discovered the secret of organization and productivity: wallpapers. 

Although we know them as decorative elements that help us change our computers or mobile devices' appearance a bit, they can be very useful when transmitting messages, maintaining order and improving brands or businesses' images. 

However, to fulfill all these functions, they must be of quality. Do you know how to create an outstanding wallpaper? Do not worry! In this article, we bring you some tips in this regard. 

Don't Forget the Content. 

One of the most mattering aspects of wallpapers is their content. It must be visually appealing, well-designed, and convey something. Moreover, you must adjust it to the brand or business internal guidelines, style, and trends. 

Using cute wallpapers that offer no value to the recipient will not help any company to improve their work processes. 

Place the Content Correctly. 

If you have already defined the content of your wallpaper and you know what you will use it for, the next step is to organize it strategically. This way, it meets the purposes you want, including transmitting the message. 

And here is the tip: the content should not occupy more than 50% of the screen. If this happens, the wallpaper would be overfilled and become a distracting element. 

People have been found to prefer placing icons and folders at the top left of their computer's screen. Although it can vary according to individual preferences, you must take it into account when designing. 

Undoubtedly, It Is a Factor That You Can Take Advantage Of! 

And you can also smartly use the right side. Since this side of the screen is often empty, it is a great place to put your company logo design or any relevant information you want to share. 

If you follow this rule, you will encourage users who are interested in the content you share through the wallpaper to place the icons on the opposite side of their screens to always see relevant information.