For wedding invitation card design, you have to know what important aspects to really consider so that you can get the best outcome even if you're not a professional in design. Here is the list of important things to pay attention to as you design your wedding invitation:

1. Consider the Wedding Theme or Style

Usually, a wedding is themed. If you haven't decided on the one you have to start thinking of the theme or style for your wedding so that you can match the theme of the wedding with the theme of the wedding invitation card.

For example, if you're having a rustic-themed wedding, then your wedding invitation card should also have that same theme and choose aged paper with scalloped edges. If you want to go for a whimsical themed wedding, then petal-colored font and watercolor illustration. Be creative with the decision and make sure that everything looks uniform.

2. Pick a Color Scheme

Aside from the decorations and decision of paper for your wedding invitation card, it is also important to find the perfect color scheme for it that matches the theme or style that you have decided upon.

The choice of your wedding invitation card colors must ensure its readability, meaning that the colors that you choose should have the right contrast between each other especially when it comes to the background color and the text color.

3. Decide the Right Shape and Size

You are actually free to choose any shape and size that you want for your wedding invitation card, but you have to make sure that it does not cause any inconvenience whether for you or for the recipient of your wedding invitation card.

The decision for your wedding invitation card size depends on the budget that you have as well. The larger it is, the more expensive it is. Larger wedding invitation cards that exceed the maximum allowed dimension for mail will also cost you more so if you must send out your invitations, take this into consideration as well.

4. The Details

Pay attention to the details on your wedding invitation card. Everything needs to be perfect without spelling errors, grammatical errors, punctuation errors, and so on. All the information displayed on your wedding invitation card must be right so that your guests can come at the right time, to the right place, and with the right dress code if there is any.

5. Printing Method / Style

Choose a printing method or style such as digital printing, engraving, embossing, letterpress, foil printing, or others to make your wedding invitation card look more appealing. You can create an interesting look with one of these printing styles.

6. Print Extra

Printing more wedding invitation cards than the number of your guests won't hurt. It is good to always be ready in case you'll have to add more guests to your wedding out of the blue. However, make sure that you don't print too many extra copies because that will only become an unnecessary expenditure for sure.