Designing and Printing Your Name Card? Remember and Try Out These 6 Important Things

A well-designed name card is essential for entrepreneurs because it is a tool that can help you professionally promote yourself to those in your industry that can help your company prosper and build a future.

There are several factors to remember during the design and printing process when making a beautiful name card. Everything you do in those two stages of development is critical, and they complement and influence one another. Let's take a look at the dos and don'ts of creating and printing a professional name card.

1. Ensure Legibility
Even if a name card has straightforward enough text, it will not perform well if the font is not chosen correctly, particularly if the font is difficult to read at first glance or is too tiny. Fonts that are overly stylish or calligraphy-like should be avoided because the result upon printing might not be satisfactory.  Bear in mind that a name card's font size should not be smaller than 8 pt.

2. Research References
When creating a name card, look for inspiration and use your imagination. References can be found on the internet or on the business cards you got from other people.

Note down on what you like and don't like so that you can incorporate your preferences into the design of your name card for a professional appearance. Make an effort to stand out, just don't go overboard.

3. Use Premium Material
There are more types of papers used for name card printing in Singapore these days.  Several people even have experimented with business their name cards on plastic, wood, metal, or slate in order to produce a unique looking name card that catches the eye.

4. Proofread
The last step before handing over the design of the name card to the printing process is to proofread it. You must not only search for errors but also ensure that the information given is right and that everything is satisfactory. "Check twice, print once," as they suggest.

5. White Space
Leaving a certain amount of area of white or blank space on your name card is a smart idea since it encourages the reader's eyes to concentrate on the most relevant elements, such as contact information, and it also helps declutter the design of your name card by removing redundant components.

6. Use Professional Printing
If you choose to print your name card on your own with a standard inkjet printer, you will not get the highest output possible. You must still entrust this job to the finest and most professional personnel available at a printing firm.

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