So you have decided to print a roll up banner, however there is tons of additional information you need to know about roll up banners from the dimensions to their base types. Worry not in this article we will explain two of the little details about roll up banners. 

1. Size  

Most roll up banner comes in 3 sizes, 

  • 60cm x 160cm 
  • 85cm x 200cm and lastly 
  • 120cm x 200cm 

Some printing companies might print a roll up banner in smaller sizes, usually in the size of A4 or A3. Choose accordingly to your company needs before printing them. 

2. Base 

The base of a roll up banners are divided into two categories 

  • Standard base 
    This type of base is lighter in weight, but because it is made from aluminium, even this type of base still gives strong support for the banner. 
  • Broader base 
    This type of base uses a higher grade of aluminium, thus making it a bit heavier than the standard base. Because of its weight and shape, it gives better stability to the banner. This type of banner is suitable for those who want to have their banner a more professional look and better stability.