3. Design 

As a printed advertising medium, you need to remember that you need to print it with a good design. A good design is of course subjective to everyone’s taste. However a good design should make customers curious but also understand the basics about your product or service. Also make sure that it is readable, remember that once you print them, you cannot just zoom in it like you did while you are designing it. 

If you are going to put a picture, make sure that you are using an HD picture, so when it is printed we will not see a pixelated picture. 

4. Storing 

Once the roll up banner is used, you can either reuse it or store it in your storage room. If you choose to reuse it again, usually the printing company will have a complementary bag for the base of the roll up banner, making it easier for you to not only store it neatly but also easier or you to travel with it. And because the banner is rolled in the base, you can have a guarantee that the banner will always look nice and not creased what so ever. And if you decided that you are going to store it, maybe for archives purposes or for other things, you can store them in the bag that they come with, and it should be as easy as storing a box. You can stack them, put them sideways etc. 

Hopefully by this point you understand the little details of roll up banners, having a roll up banner can be an asset to your company , so please take some things into consideration before you print one. So the next step is to print your banners in Singapore, contact your local printing company, they should be able to fulfill your request within days.