Information like company name and logo, contact address, contact number(s), email address, and other necessary descriptions deemed fit to reflect company values and stand a business out from the competition are included in clear and bold enough fonts and typefaces; to avoid being overlooked by whoever takes a look at the cards. 

A name card and business card are designed to be memorable, whether it is a business or an individual item. Once a card is issued, it is expected to leave a lasting first impression and serve as a foundation for networking with like-minded business folks or even the competition. 

The most noticeable difference between both cards includes the focus of a name card printing on just the individual and little business details if available. On the other hand, the direction of a business card is to propagate the business reach and impression somewhat as a marketing tool and promotional tools, and solely for business-related communications. 

Today, the lines have been blurred into one another. A name card and a business card are now used interchangeably, as the content of these little cards is directed towards the same purpose.