Advertising mediums such as banners is still considered effective in promoting and delivering a new product or service. A lot of marketers use banners as the main promotional tool. The type of banner is classified into several types. Can be distinguished based on the use, place, shape, and type of paper. For example, roll-up banners and standing banners have similarities that make customers do not really understand the difference. So, what are some of the differences ? 


Even though they are similar, a standing banner stands tense and uses a cradle. The standing banner itself is actually divided into 2 types, namely X banner and Y banner. For the X banner, the pedestal is an X on the back of the paper. As for the Y banner, the supports are in the shape of the letter Y. 

For the roll-up banner shape, as the name implies, this banner has support at the bottom. It has supports such as poles and rollers. During installation, it makes it easier for us because we just have to pull down so that the banner opens.