Polyester stickers and Vinyl stickers are both customized digital labels printing materials used substratum at stickers making company. They are pretty similar because they both have adhesive layers and serves the same purpose of labeling brands or attached to other surfaces.

But the noticeable and essential thing is that each of them has unique characteristics that make one different or have advantages. 

This article will assist you in knowing what differentiates polyester stickers from vinyl stickers. By the time you finished the reading, your brief knowledge about each of them will help you know which one is best for your brand and the labeling purpose you want them to serve. 

Materials or Chemicals Components  

Vinyl is made out of chlorine, based on common salt and ethylene from crude oil. In contrast, polyester is made from purified polyethylene terephthalic acid and monotheluene glycol and chemical reaction of coal, petroleum, air, and water.  


The tenacity nature of polyester stickers is generally shorter than that of vinyl stickers. This is because vinyl is a kind of plastic sticker made out of salt and ethylene.

This makes it more durable and sturdier to withstand harsh conditions, moisture and water, grease, fluctuating temperature, abrasion, mild chemicals, and acidic substances. At the same time, polyester stickers deteriorate with humidity and other unfriendly environmental conditions. 


Vinyl stickers do not have a background, making them most preferable when it comes to having them on a transparent surface such as clear glass or metallic and projects a stand-out brand logo design without a distracting background. In contrast, polyester stickers will always have a background. 


Vinyl stickers have a firm texture, resistance to tearing than polyester stickers; even if it is laminated, you may tear it easily. You can easily reapply vinyl, even if it was wrongly pasted because of its removable adhesive instead of polyester stickers which may tear in removing and calling for the need for replacement.