Another difference between vinyl and polyester stickers is their purpose. Vinyl stickers are usually used outdoors, such as walls, floors, glass, and metal cost-effective because they can last in outdoor conditions. In contrast, polyester stickers are typically used indoors because they are less durable.  

Also, polyester stickers are usually used for illustrations and brand logos, while vinyl stickers are generally available for advertising purposes such as billboards.  

Cost of production 

Polyester stickers are more cost-effective and economically viable than vinyl stickers which are costlier and more expensive than polyester. Though there are unique made polyester stickers that are expensive, but certainly, vinyl is more expensive. 

Label Size 

Polyester sticker printing are smaller in size, while vinyl is larger than polyester stickers. This is why polyester stickers are used to label smaller products.  

I believe you have known what differentiates polyester stickers from vinyl. Based on your perception of their differences, such as the purpose that each serves, sizes, ruggedness, material components, longevity or lifespan, each cost of production, and background, you should be able to know the right one for your brand.