The Product Placement  

Mainly used on YouTube, this technique uses the services of a YouTuber specialized in a theme related to the universe of the brand. She or he will then subtly (or not) place the product in question in one of her videos.  

Travel Blogs 

Travel bloggers have the coast and some manage to federate very active communities. To increase awareness, some tour operators use this type of influencer to promote their products.  

They usually offer an all-inclusive stay with sometimes even a camera, in exchange for several photos taken daily, and shared via a blog and/or on social networks such as Instagram. 


A phenomenon that is growing in the United States, unboxing is usually performed by an influencer in front of his camera. The action consists of unpacking a product received live and bringing the experience to the community. A moment based mainly on the emotional aspect and one that has generated a lot of success so far. 

The Takeover  

This technique involves giving control of a company account or brand to an influencer. It is planned over a period of time to draw the attention of the community to a product, service, event or website. It depends on the objective of the campaign.  

Other techniques in influence marketing can be used, namely: web series, invitations to events, free trials/ tests, Giveaways (gifts) etc... 

Influential Marketing Platforms  

Among the easy-to-use levers that link brands and influencers, such as blogger influencers or instagrammers in particular, many platforms are emerging.  

This is the case for the influence platform Submit, which allows brands to reach targeted communities among many influencers. Increase your visibility and sales quickly by implementing your influence marketing campaigns.  

You can easily target a specific sector like digital, travel, fashion, lifestyle etc... And then opt for the most appropriate channel. Whether it’s the blog, YouTube or Instagram, post your message and set your goals. You will be able to track the performance of your campaigns in real time.  

Submit already has many years of experience in SEO and net linking campaigns and it seemed logical that it is heading towards influence marketing that is growing rapidly in recent years.  

Influential Marketing Agencies  

The agencies have a deep knowledge of the web environment and social networks. They know how to work with bloggers and influencers and make a profit by combining KPIs to measure digital actions and get a real return on investment.  

It is also necessary to know how to use the right levers to align with the advertiser’s goals. The end result is to adapt the marketing strategy to the specific characteristics of the product, service or brand. 

Influence Marketing has Many Advantages Because in this Type of Marketing we Use Specialized Influencers.  

This feature has the advantage of offering precise targeting. Take for example a company looking to launch a new cosmetic product, it will certainly have more chance to make the buzz via a makeup Youtuber. The proposed content will be adapted to the audience and will automatically generate more engagement and traffic on the site. This will lead to more conversions for the brand.  

Among other things, the company is gaining credibility here. Subscribers (or followers) of an influencer maintaining a relationship of trust with him or her, make him an ambassador of choice.