Every time now and then people attend meetings, parties or either a meal. To get the attention of family and friends, the host is obligated to send invitation cards to every one of them he/she desires. An invitation card contains written requests inviting people to events like wedding parties or either meeting. 

Sometimes, it may be difficult to write invitation cards to every person you want to. That’s where digital printing comes in handy. Digital printing involves directly inserting images on a media material. Computationally, files like PDFs are directly sent to the printer which in turn is printed on materials like printing cards, canvas, photo, fabric among others. 

Advantages of Digital invitation Card Printing 

Unlike the traditional invitation card printing process, digital printing has proved to serve as an important process to use in invitation cards. The experience an individual has using digital invitation card printing is very promising. In case you have just decided to use digital invitation card printing, good for you. Whether you are wondering if to use this process, here’s why: 

Saves time 

The fact that digital invitation card printing doesn’t involve using plates or pre-press methods, the delivery of these invitation cards is quick. Meaning that if an individual needs invitation cards urgently, using the digital printing process might just do it. 


Analog-digital invitation card printing involves incurring the cost of printing plates before even beginning to print. As mentioned above, digital invitation card printing does not need any plates. This means that using digital printing in invitation cards involves using a little number of funds. 

Simple to perform 

Digital invitation card printing doesn’t require an individual to know to do it. Since blending ink and pre-press methods are out of the picture, anybody can do digital invitation card printing. 

Customization is Possible  

Customers are now able to design invitation cards according to how they want and expect it to be. How is this possible? Well, Variable Data Printing (VDP) makes texts and individual graphics customizable print by print. Business owners have greatly benefited from this feature. 


Unlike traditional Invitation card printing, digital invitation card printing produces high-quality results. HP Indigo Digital Press holds the Liquid Electroink Process (LEP) which makes this possible. Digital invitation card printing has created ease in color sampling accuracy. Because of this digital invitation card printing has become a much easy task than traditional invitation card printing. 


The flexibility digital invitation card printing possesses is outstanding. Designing invitation cards can either be complex or a very easy task. Digital printing can blend with the features of the invitation card and produce what is expected by the customer. HP Indigo Printers have the media range to make this a possible task. 

To send requests to family and friends to attend your party or a meeting, it involves using invitation cards. Sending these invitation cards is not an easy task. From this article, digital printing will make your event a success since it’s something easy to perform. Consider using digital invitation card printing and you are guaranteed a successful event.