In case you are trying to know more about marketing, or you are taking baby steps inside the industry, then there are many things you must learn. Every digital marketer that is just beginning to understand how advertisement online works must acquire tons of knowledge beforehand.

There are concepts that are crucial for starters, and that is what you are about to learn. These are the main digital marketing concepts that you should know in advance before start seeking for a job in a digital marketing agency. 

1. Content Planning 

First things first. Digital marketing involves a lot of responsibility from many professionals, but before getting your hands straight into work you might want to start brainstorming and planning a strategy on what elements should be part of the campaign. The most important decisions will be made during this process, such as the budget needed for advertisement and which digital channels the content will be published.  

2. Optimized Content 

Get familiar with this concept because it is important to know how online content is read online. Keep in mind that nowadays people do not read the same that it used to back in the day and they just simply ‘’scan’’ online pages. Long paragraphs are avoided, and you should keep your sentences short too. It is suggested that you break the content in different sections not to bore the readers. Adding headers may be smart too, and of course, do not forget about keywords! 

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) 

There is no digital marketing without SEO or SEM. We have already talked about optimized content and now we are getting more specific on the subject. SEO is fundamental because it will affect directly to the visibility of your brand in a search engine’s without having to pay. In the other hand, SEM works directly on the visibility of a company’s presence online but involves paid-per-click advertisement, which will be helpful to lead those that have been roaming on the net to your page. Every company wants to redirect the traffic to their brand and have new potential clients, and that is why SEO and SEM has become one of the high importance elements inside the marketing industry.  

4. Online Advertising 

Pay-per-click advertisement is very useful to reach to your audience or increase the visibility of a brand over the competition. If you want to expand your company’s limits and to be recognized online, then online paid advertising should be part of your content planning agenda. As compare to the tradional way of flyer printing advertisement. 

5. Measurement 

How far has gone the content you have been publishing for the last month? Was it seen by many people? What did they do after watching the online advertisement? Did they go straight to the webpage to buy the product or service? Marketing is not always about content creation and online advertising, but it also involves the metrics and analytics to review which progress has been made during the campaign.