We are living on a modern world, where everything seems to be online nowadays. Digital marketing may be still relatively new, but there is no doubt that it has become an important part in advertisement. Whether you work on a digital marketing agency or you would like to become a freelance community manager, you should be able to understand what digital marketing is beforehand. 

1. What is Digital Marketing? 

If you are taking baby steps on this field, then it may be wise to know what involves digital marketing first. We all know that advertisement is no news to us, but ads through digital channels such as social media may be something groundbreaking and recent. Selling ads have been done for decades now, but as time went by, people have lost their interest and they have been spending more and more time online. That is why a digital marketing agency may be the one in charge of making the product or service pop through the screen and reach the more and more potential clients. But DM is no simple task! You have to jump into the marketing world to learn about more about strategy development. 

2. Categories of Digital Marketing 

Now that we have understood what this involves, then we should get to know which categories we could find inside the field. Online marketing requires the work of many people and there is no way only one could carry the whole process throughout the whole campaign: teamwork is essential! Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) is crucial to pop up on the net, and content marketing is a must to catch people’s attention. On the other hand, pay-per-click advertising may help sometimes, and email marketing always works. Remember that the content created should aim a particular audience which should be investigated in advance. You should start to get familiar with these terms right if you want to get inside the digital marketing industry! 

3. Planning and More Planning! 

Digital marketing is successful, that is out of question. But how do we start? Well, it requires a lot of planning and brainstorming before you actually get to the designing process. You must know the brand’s values, audience and what are the main objectives. Research is no simple task, and it certainly takes time. In order to create an effective campaign, then planning a digital strategy will be hard work. Take decisions on how you are going to communicate the brands’ values, which digital channels you are going to approach the audience with and how would you like the potential clients to get engage with the brand. During the planning process you would have to take into account the budget you will need to make everything happen (which is not easy too!).  

Now that you have learnt more about digital marketing world, then you know the hard work behind those emails you get from brands or those ads you saw on social media.