Digital Postcard or Traditional Postcard: Which One is Better? Part 1

Basically, a postcard is a piece of thick paper that is used for writing a message and send it to people through the mail without an envelope. While a postcard in Singapore is usually printed, now there is an unprinted postcard or they called it a digital postcard. A digital postcard is still intended for writing a message through the mail but digital mail or e-mail. The purpose is the same as a traditional postcard but in a modern way. When are we talking about both types of postcards, which one is the best? The answer depends on what you are using it for.

Here are the differences between a digital postcard and a traditional postcard.

Delivery time
The digital postcard is faster than the traditional postcard. In fact, it doesn’t actually need a delivery. It is like an instant message, your postcard will be arriving at the receiver the second you send it. Different from a traditional postcard which needs time like days to arrive at the receiver. But if you use a delivery service, they are quite fast.

The percentage of people read digital postcard is lower than a traditional postcard. People usually delete the message immediately if it contains an ad on their e-mail without even read it first. There’s also a possibility that the message goes to spam. But if you use a traditional postcard, there’s still a high percentage that people will read it because they are usually aware that the message that comes through the mail is important enough to read.