Digital Postcard or Traditional Postcard: Which One is Better? Part 2

Support the environment
The digital postcard may play a role in supporting the environment. It doesn’t need materials, especially paper. Using a digital postcard may save nature by not using too much paper. But if you still want to use a traditional postcard, right now there’s an option of using eco-friendly paper. If you want to buy traditional postcards with eco-friendly paper, you can buy them at a postcard store in Singapore.

The budget on both types has a huge difference. It is obvious that the digital postcard saves more budget than the traditional one. When you use the traditional postcard, the delivery cost is based on the distance of each address that you will send. So, the more you send it, the more budget you need. But when you use the digital postcard, you don’t have to pay every time you want to send it to people, because e-mail is free.

Both traditional and digital postcard have their benefit. You can use one of them and it is still can give you an advantage. If you want to use a postcard for personal purposes, maybe the traditional one is the best. It is more memorable and friendly. A traditional postcard has its own impression on some people. You can send it to your friends or family, and they can keep it. But if you want to use a postcard for business, a digital postcard can be an option. It cost less budget and deliver instantly. So you can make your campaign fast and send it to a lot of people.