Digital books, digital invitations, digital wallets, digital agencies, and many other things that begin with the word "digital" now. Maybe, because of that, we are familiar with the phrase that we live in a digital age. 

But, wait, there is another "digital" that you may frequently encounter, namely digital printing. You must be familiar with it, right? But are you sure that you already know what digital printing is? 

Digital Printing 

Basically, digital printing is a modern method for printing electronic files or digital images onto various media. So, if you want to print your document, you will need to create it on a computer or make it in an electronic format first. Besides, digital printing exists because of the advance of technology! That is the reason why it is categorized as a modern printing method. 

Nowadays, more and more people are using this method to print their documents! Do you know why that happened? What makes people and you should consider using it? 

You can find out the answer below!  

1. You Can Print in Small Quantities 

Usually, in traditional printing, you need a lot of time to make a permanent plate before you can print a document. But would it be efficient if the plate is only used for printing small to medium numbers of documents? Of course, no! That is why, compared to conventional printing, digital printing is more suitable for producing small to medium prints. The reason is that no plates are required in digital printing. 

2. Speed 

We talked before that in traditional printing, such as offset printing, a plate is needed. It also takes quite a long time to create the plate. And how about digital printing? Compared to offset printing, digital printing is simpler because there is no need for a plate and time to make it. As a result, with digital printing, you can process documents earlier and faster! 

3. Digital Printing Is More Cost-Effective for Printing in Small Quantities 

So, let's move on to the third point! We have already mentioned that digital printing is better for small to medium quantities. The reasons are because you don't need to invest in making the plate and there is no set-up cost. Because of that, you will find that digital printing is more cost-effective for printing in small or medium quantities. 

4. Customization 

Another reason why people consider digital printing is because they can easily make some changes to the file or document before it is printed. Since digital printing doesn't use permanent plates, once you want to modify a document, you don't need to think about replacing or repairing the plates. That's why digital printing is more flexible! 

5. Digital Printing Is More Environmentally Friendly 

Did you know that digital printing is more environmentally friendly? But why?  

Compared to conventional printing, we often mentioned earlier that no plates or films are needed in digital printing. Do you know what that means? That means digital printing has less waste. That is the reason why it is more environmentally friendly!