It is Not An Animation 

It is important to be clear this is not a loop or video. The 3D digital wallpaper will present us with a static image, with several additional angles; which thanks to the parallax effect will create a sensation of movement. The visual quality of this type of digital wallpaper is defined by a certain number of layers. 

The only thing that will be necessary to enjoy this striking experience is that your cell phone integrates the gyroscope sensor, so your 3D digital wallpaper can "move" at the angle to which you take your cell phone. 

Apps to Download Your 3D Digital Wallpaper 

We begin to offer you some tips on an app that will be of great help to get your 3D digital wallpapers, so do not stop reading until the end. 

One of the applications on Google Play with the highest number of downloads of 3D digital wallpaper is undoubtedly the 3D Wallpaper Parallax-4D Background. It has images in high definition, really striking, and with a variety of themes including nature, places in the world, anime, universe, etc. 

One of its main attractions is these wallpapers are fully customizable, that is, the application allows them to be edited and adjusted. The app uses the gyroscopes and accelerometers of the cell phone's motion sensors to generate a maximum experience. 

They currently have a growing collection that includes more than 350 3D digital wallpapers. 

Another application where you can download fun 3D wallpapers is HD Animated Wallpapers Hologram Parallax. They have original designs and it is an app with a wide variety of options, that satisfy the most varied tastes.