Many people tend to customize their mobile devices and PCs, to make them more attractive and fun in their eyes; without thinking that in this activity, as simple as it may seem, they are revealing many aspects linked to their personality. Some of the methods to make their mobile devices more attractive is by pasting colourful sticker printing on it.

Now, this does not mean people are going to go around like crazy wanting to spy on people's cell phones or computers to unravel great secrets; because the truth is this does not work that way. However, it is true through the choice of digital wallpaper and digital sticker printing we can discover certain characteristics of the person. 

What Digital Wallpaper Can Say About You? 

Without believing this can be taken as one of those psychological tests that can reveal aspects of your behavior; certainly, the repeated choice of a type of digital wallpaper can say a lot about you. 

The recurring choice of color can be an indication of your taste for that specific tone; as, for example, could be the images of natural spaces such as the beach, which may indicate it is your favorite place to relax or that you simply need a vacation. 

Generally, our choices are based on our mental patterns, even more so when they are made to make something more pleasing to the eye. Although there may be exceptions, it is certain that whoever chooses to keep puppies on their wallpaper, will surely be a great dog lover. 

The same goes for people who usually choose glamorous digital wallpaper associated with various types of accessories and bright colors, who can be considered irremediable followers of fashion. 

Now, if for example someone usually keeps in their backgrounds images of darks characters such as vampires or gargoyles and monsters; we will not think it is a freak that comes from the ultra-grave and wants to suck our blood. Simply put, this may be a reflection of your great taste for horror movies and stories.