Have you thought about what kind of digital wallpaper catches your attention and why? 

Did you know images of rainy days are usually associated with a saddened soul? Or an image with a vibrant landscape crowned by a bright sun is related to someone hopeful about their personal goals? What kind of digital wallpaper do you usually choose? 

Maybe if you are one of those who usually decorate your wallpaper with attractive dishes or eye-catching ingredients such as chocolate, strawberries, or some donuts, deep down you feel a deep interest in cooking. Would you dare to take a chef course? 

If your digital wallpaper varies constantly focused on video games, no doubt what can be inferred from it is that you enjoy them, or they are part of a good memory you have left from your youthful years. But what is wrong with an innocent distraction like that? 

With what you have read so far, what can you say about what your digital wallpapers say about you? Did you find the dynamic amusing? Then put it to the test with your closest circle of friends.