There are many stages during the creating of the perfect comic book series. From brainstorming the characters and the setting of the story until the publishing part, we must take into account every element in order to bring the comic to life and coloring is one of them. Coloring may be one of the most artistic parts of a comics’ design as it involves bringing the drawings to life through different tones and shades. Nowadays, with digital color palettes, it seems like possibilities are endless! Check out a few tips on how to digitally color your comic books! 

1. Is the Comic Book Going to be Printed? 

Before getting your hands into it, you should know if the comic will be printed or not. If so, you should know that your computer or iPad screen is backlit, which means that the colors will look brighter when you see them on your screen than they will look once they are printed. Keep that in mind and be careful when using darker colors! 

2. Separate Background from Characters 

Once you are ready to start coloring, it is easier if the background and the characters are in different layers. It is best if you start adding color to the background first, so you can get the tone of the comic book going. Save the best part last and color your characters at last! 

3. Greyscale and Colors  

If you want to see how well the colors you chose work on the comic, then you should probably turn the image to greyscale and see how the light and dark parts look like. That is how you will notice if there is a darker part that should be lighter or if there is anything that should be corrected too!