4. Script Balloons Must Have Their Own Layer! 

While digitally coloring a comic, layers are everything. Weather you use speech balloons or borders for the script, it is always a good idea to have them separately from the drawing and then add the layer on top of the drawing. This will prevent painting inside the place where the letters should be! 

5. Be Careful with Line Art! 

Many artists can confirm that you should pay extra attention to always have the line art on top so you can start coloring the drawing under it. Otherwise, it will not look as well. Besides that, you should be careful with your darker colors too: if you use black on your drawings, remember not to compete with the line art because it might look a bit messy! 

6. Experiment! 

Being an artist means you should always be in touch with your creative and artistic side and get wild sometimes in order to develop amazing outcomes. Try new shades and tones, you could even use new tools in order to get new results. Do not settle for the ones you are used to. Get out of your comfort zone and try different colors. Be creative!