During a wave of disease like the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is necessary to take preventive measures against the spread of viruses. You have the option of using safety stickers and spacer stickers to provide essential protection for people from the coronavirus. 

Create a Distance of 1.5m To 2m With Corona Stickers 

Sticker printing companies can print floor stickers with texts such as "Maintain a 2m safety distance" and "Keep a safe distance," which you can use in medical practices, offices, grocery stores, and bakeries.  

You can also use matching floor stickers in the form of footprints to indicate where people are allowed to stand. With eye-catching icons and pictograms, the Corona stickers will immediately catch the eye.  

With this, you create the prescribed minimum distance between patients and visitors and guide your customers in the checkout area. In addition to the spacer sticker, disinfection-proof corona stickers can draw attention to your company's relevant hygiene measures.  

For example, a waterproof sticker printing sign shows the steps necessary to prevent diseases through viruses. You can easily apply them to all surfaces. 

Reduce the Risk of Infection By A Coronavirus 

The action against viruses such as the coronavirus is not only crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the corona sticker, you can use hygiene labels to point out at any time how proper health care can prevent the transmission of oathogens. 

This is because poor hygiene in the workplace endangers the health of all employees. To avoid this, you can use stickers to indicate that disposable gloves and respiratory protection are worn.  

Labels that draw attention to hand hygiene and hand disinfection are also a tried and tested means. Besides, signs on which thorough hand washing is explained in individual steps are particularly suitable for authorities, hospitals, offices, and schools.  

This is where you should put such infographics in washrooms and toilets. Hygiene stickers are essential for companies in the food industry as well as nano and medical technology.  

In today's industries, so-called hygiene rooms are often required to produce devices and materials free of dirt and dust. A corresponding sticker is used to indicate this hygiene room so that employees know immediately how to behave. 

We Print Corona Stickers and Distance Sign Stickers 

Whether for grocery stores, pharmacies, practices, and offices, you will receive hygiene and distance stickers according to your needs. Please send us an individual request because we offer you disinfection-proof stickers and labels on oil-proof materials for all application areas from the US warehouse.  

With our safety stickers and simple rules, we can reduce the risk of infection and coronavirus spread. Take care of yourself and those around you.  

Maintain the required safety distance from other people. It would help if you also reduced social contacts to the bare minimum.  

And wash your hands regularly and thoroughly. For the nearest neighboring districts, we have provided free shipping for our sticker printing service.