So, you got your brochure printed, obviously, the next step is to distribute them, but you’re still unsure about which type of distribution can maximise your potential customer. Well, in this article we will discuss a few different types of brochure distribution.  

But before we get into that, a business should have their target customer’s geographic & demographic information, so you can limit where you want to distribute them, not only that, a brochure should have a catchy design to catch your customer’s attention so they will more likely read it. Once you know have them both, here are a few ways you can distribute your brochure

Straight to Customer 

This is the most classic way of distributing your brochure. There are a few methods for this type of distribution. 

  • Door to door, usually a company that offers household service (Gardener, Internet provider, etc) or a business that reside around a neighbourhood would do this kind of service. 
  • Handing out to passerby, this one is usually done in a public space (parks, MRT station, etc). This type of distribution has an added benefit because a person is handing out the brochure, if a customer has a question the staff should be able to answer it directly to them. But this type of distribution only works during peak hour or the weekend where people are guaranteed to be there. 
  • On the product packaging, this type of distribution works if you have an online business, because you can put your brochure when you send the product to the customer, eliminating the extra cost to mail out a separate mail. Or if you have a store that sells a product, you could also put the brochure in their shopping bag.