Public Places

This type of distribution is usually done by companies that have limited workers, here are a few methods for this type of distribution. 

  • If you have a tourism-based business, you will more likely put your brochures in hotels, tourist centre, airport, bus station, etc. Because those places are guaranteed to have tourists who are seeking information on what they should do in that area. 
  • If you have a lifestyle-based business, you will more likely to put them in malls, shopping centre, etc. usually people who go into that area will more likely read your brochure. 

Business to Business 

This type of distribution is usually done by exchanging each other brochures and then share it between the two companies or a company ask for their brochure to be put up in other business areas. Examples are : 

  • Exchanging brochures, a pharmacy might have a deal with a gym to exchange their brochures, so the gym would put the pharmacy brochure to their members and their staff and vice versa. Because those two businesses are still linear, so it makes sense for them to do this type of distribution. 
  • Paying for space, usually, it is done by companies who want to reach all of their target audience, so they would pay other companies so they can put their brochure in their place. An online marketplace might advertise their website in public transportation spaces, petrol stations, cafes, etc. 

There are tons of ways to distribute your brochures, but you need to choose the ones that suit your business best and don’t forget about the legality of distributing brochures in your area. Fortunately, it is legal to distribute your brochures in Singapore as long as the flyers do not break any law or are not about anything illegal, are not political in nature, or are not used for solicitation. In addition, if the distribution takes place in a public space and you are not causing any obstruction, it should be legal for you to distribute your brochures. We hope you gain some new information on how to distribute your brochures so you can reach maximum potential for your future customers.