Every dollar counts once you're creating an identity for your brand. Sometimes, no amount of designs can replicate our ideas and bring them into life using outsourced service.

So, as a small business, due to this and other multiple factors, you may decide to design your foiled name card yourself. This is not unexpected, neither is it weird. It is perfectly normal, as several individuals like you are also attempting it. 

However, before designing your foiled name card yourself, ensure that you have a format and an idea in mind. That said, follow this guide to foil your name card.  

Steps To Foil Your Name Card 

Step 1. Make Outlines For The Cards. 

Begin by creating the prototype on your screen. For drawing, it is preferable to use Adobe Illustrator since the overlaying system helps print individual sections.

Then develop specific guidelines to enable you to cut off your cards afterward, even as a regular name card measures 3.5inches by 2inches. I suggest placing your guidelines throughout the remaining margins such that the guidelines do not appear as you cut the cards. 

Step 2. Make Your Design. 

Build your namecard template once you've completed your guidelines. On the regular surface of the Cardstock, 3.5 inches by 2inches yields 12 cards. 

Step 3. Layer After Layer After Layer 

You could switch down individual components of the model with the click of the mouse if you overlay your designs appropriately. Make sure the bits that you would like the foil to stick to are according to their layer.