Step 4. Parts That Would Be Foiled Should Be Printed

Switch off any layers except for the one that you choose the foil on, and then use the laser printer to make that part into the cardstock. 

Step 5. Foil It 

Check that your laminator is turned on and that it's hot. The higher the temperature, the faster your foil can stick. That said, you wouldn't want it to get too hot because regular cardstock can't withstand high temperatures.

Position your foil on top of your printable prints; the colored side should be faced up and run through the laminator. If indeed the foil folds, it would not stick to the raised areas of the foil 

Step 6. Switch on Additional Layers 

Return to the graphics software. Switch on all the other layers that were not printed. Also, remember to turn off all the previously printed layers, or it will just print on the lovely foil. 

Step 7. The Remainder Should Be Printed. 

Replace your foiled paper in the printer holder. If you want and print a printed copy and see which way the paper needs to be reloaded, go ahead and do it.

Print the remainder of the card template until you've decided which direction the layer should just go. 

Step 8. Remove It. 

To ensure a straight cutting, it's advisable to use a guillotine tool. Otherwise, blades will suffice if you have a firm hand. Just use guidelines you mainly made in the margins to maintain your sizes consistently. 


Distribute your lovely new namecard! Your abilities are supposed to be exchanged with the rest of the human race!