How to Do B2B Marketing: Part 1

Do you know what B2B is? Have you ever heard of it?

B2B or business to business is a type of marketing that has a strategy to market the product between one business to another. Most companies in Singapore have been using this strategy to increase their business. Different from B2C or business to customers type of marketing that sells the product to customers or individuals. In B2B case, the target market is more huge, namely a group of people in a business. For example, you have clothes as your product and you offer another business to buy your clothes as their uniform for their company. Surely you will get more profit compared to selling it to individuals. If you are interested in this marketing method, here are the steps you should take.

Set the target market
The clients in B2B marketing are fairly few but need huge products. You have to target who you are going to offer. Therefore, you can make a strategy to gain their attention. Write down your customer persona and start reaching them. Customer persona can help you get specific customers that are potentially interested in your product.

Building profile
Make your own website and social media to show your brand image. A digital profile can be an investment for your business. People nowadays most likely find information in one click. Give details about your product on your website and social media, tell them the advantages of your business. You can also make good content to gain more traffic, if more people know your product it can be a good chance to get more customers.