You are responsible for preparing many things once you decided to start your start-up business. Registering your business, understanding the state regulation, making a business plan, thinking about the perfect business name, and many more things you still need to do for that! Also, one more thing, you shouldn't forget about your start-up logo design.  




Is logo design important for a start-up business? Do start-ups need to have their own logo? 


Those are some common questions that are often asked by new entrepreneurs. But, as a reference to help you consider whether the logo design important for your new business or not, you can read this article until the end first!  


So, let's begin with a short explanation about the logo. 


What Is a Logo? 


Basically, a logo is a symbol or mark that is created from a combination of imagery and text. A logo can represent ideas or value of something, including a business. That is why many companies decide to have their own logo. 


Moreover, there are still many things that make entrepreneurs decide to have their own logos! 


1. Brand Identity 

Do you know what brand identity is?  


Brand identity is a visual element that can differentiate a brand from other brands in the minds of customers. The elements of the brand can be the logo, typography, website design, packaging design, or even social media graphic! 


As a logo is one of the elements of a brand identity, it is crucial for a business to have its own logo. Why? Because it helps people to distinguish your business in the crowded niche and it makes people easier to recognize your brand. So, when people see your business logo, they can automatically associate it with your brand, service, or even your products. One more thing, brand identity helps business to determine how people will perceive their brand.  


2. Professionalism 

Even if you are just starting out in business, a well-designed logo makes people think that you start and conduct your business professionally! Why? That is because people associate a well-designed website, product, or even logo with quality and trust. So that is why to convince customers, you need an appealing and professional logo from a logo design service. 


3. First Impressions 

There is a saying that "the first impression matters since it determines the rest of what will happen next". We cannot say that is absolutely right or wrong since we know that the first impression often matters! A professional and well-designed logo helps a new business to create a good impression on your audience which can encourage them to look further into your business and see what you have to offer them. 


4. Logo Grabs the Attention 

Today, customer attention is short. So, a business only has a short amount of time to convince their audience they are worthy of consideration. Because of that, a well-designed and attractive logo is absolutely needed! Why? Because it has the power to grab your audience's attention and to communicate the value of the business to them.