Based on all this, our news section is structured, placing the publications with the highest score first and then all the others in order of interest. 

In addition, the user can help Facebook to determine what is more or less relevant to him through his behavior on the social network.  

What Does It Mean For Brands? 

Under this process makes sense for content posted by family and friends to appear first, which can present a challenge for brands trying to get their posts to reach users organically. 

This is why it is essential to focus on creating content relevant to users rather than simply using Facebook to launch purely commercial content.

It is necessary to encourage interactions since the more a brand manages to connect with its users, the greater its presence in their newsfeeds. 

Facebook Recommends Some Tips To Help Reach Our Audience: 

Use Attractive Headlines: Not simply to attract attention but to give the user an idea of ​​what to expect. 

Avoid Overly Promotional Content: This type of content does not encourage interactions and can cause your audience to lose interest over time. For exmaple: "Buy One Get One Free Aesthetic Self Ink Stamp"

Experiment: The only way to find out what your followers really care about and try different approaches and see what works best.