What about Company Registration? 

Being Belize such a good cradle for business and companies of many types and industries, there are many services specialize in facilitate the procedures of Company Registration and formation helping in the management of legal procedures. The process includes steps like: 

  1. Select the business structure, with options like Free Zones and Offshore Companies, the latter which is free of taxes. 
  2. Selecting the location and submitting the application to the Commissioner of Lands. 
  3. Register the Business name in the Belize Companies Registry. 
  4. Submit the necessary document like Memorandum of Association and others. After 3 hours, a certificate of incorporation is issued. 
  5. Apply for a Trade License and Work Permit 
  6. Register with Social Security and Goods and Services Tax 
  7. Get the Taxpayer Identification Number and get the certificate of registration. 


Belize provides many opportunities with various industries to choose from to make your business, with also alternative free of tax to improve investment from foreign companies.

For all that, Belize is exceptionally good land for starting your business. When starting a business, it is important for every company to have a professional common seal to sign important and legal documents.