Companies with strong brand recognition know that it is a hard-earned position requiring strategy, logo design, and constant attention.

When the time comes to reconsider, revamp, and redefine the brand image, there is a mountain of things to think about. A rebranding strategy can be daunting. 

However, there are many companies who have gone through the experience of rebranding and have come out the other side with a lesson to share.

Learning from the wisdom of others (or lack thereof) is the first step towards a successful rebrand. 

Rebranding Strategy DOs 

1. Refocus Through Research. 

A rebranding project is no place for the fear of commitment. It’s a time to search every nook and cranny to uncover what it is that makes a brand exceptional and unique. 

Airbnb’s rebrand is based on extensive research and alignment of internal and external values. Airbnb rebranded in 2014 by DesignStudio.

The team then embarked on a year-long immersive research phase that took them to all corners of the world where they experienced the brand as users do. 

Combined with numerous internal interviews and extensive competitor analysis, the team uncovered common beliefs and values among everyone who interacted with the brand.

The research successfully brought focus to the brand as a community of belonging, which they manifested in every brand touchpoint.