Sticker is a piece of cut material with pressure adhesive on one of its side and graphics and or texts on the other side. This item has become one of the integral parts of business because of its usefulness. The uses of stickers vary, ranging from labelling to decoration. 

Although sticker is small in size, there are some things that require extra attention when it comes to printing sticker. Even more if you strive for perfection. It would be such a shame if the result you got did not live up to the expectation you had in mind. To prevent such issues, here are several do’s and don’ts you need to pay attention to when you are printing stickers: 


1. Pick the Right Material for Your Stickers 

One of the most important things to pay attention to is choosing the right material for your stickers. Yet, this is one of the most overlooked point. Choosing right material can make or break your stickers. Why? Because different materials come with different characteristics that might be suitable for one purpose but inapt for another purpose. For example, kraft stickers are not waterproof thus it is not suitable for refrigerated products so you have to choose another material for your sticker. Consult your need with your printing partner such as Singapore sticker printing to decide which material is best for your sticker. 

2. Pay Attention to Your Material and the Colours of Your Stickers 

Like stated above, different materials come with different characteristics. Always pay attention to the material you chose. For example, transparent stickers are best for emphasizing your product. However, if you apply the sticker imperfectly, it can be shown visibly on the sticker. Issues such as air bubbles and alike often arises when you use this type of sticker. Thus, it would be better if you use it on a flat, smooth surfaces.  

3. Set Up Bleeds in Your Stickers 

Another simple yet overlooked point in sticker printing: to set up bleeds. Bleeds is an area outside of your trim edges. It is important because it will ensure that no part of your sticker will occur on the final trimmed sticker. Make sure your artwork has at least 3mm long bleeds area.


1. Print Unreadable Stickers 

Never print unreadable stickers. It sounds obvious but there are many people who tend to overlook this point. Unless it is intended for personal use, what’s the point of printing stickers if it doesn’t convey your information well to the public? Make sure the font size of your stickers is not less than 8pt. It will be ignored by the public otherwise. 

2. Print Overcomplicated Die-Cuts 

Die-cuts are perfect to grab people’s attention. But never use overcomplicated die-cuts. Why? Because they cannot be done on stickers since die-cuts have their limitations. It is important for you to consult this limitation with your printing partner if the shape of your sticker is a little bit too complicated. 

Those are the do’s and don’ts you need to pay attention to when you are printing stickers. Keep it in mind and you’ll get the best result ever!