The Deferred Payment  

It allows the customer to be debited when shipping or even when receiving the order. E-commerce giants like Amazon are now using this method, which relies on the trust of the user. 

The deferred payment allows on the one hand to motivate the buyer to proceed to the act of purchase even if he does not have enough money at the time of the order. On the other hand, this method gives you time to check the status of your stock before moving on to payment validation. This method of payment is interesting from a logistical point of view.  

Omnichannel Payment Solutions  

Such solution is preferred if you also have a physical shop. A single platform allows you to obtain payment terminals as well as an e-commerce payment module.  

Conduct a survey of your target customers to best adapt your payment solution. You need to know whether your customers prefer to buy on mobiles, computers, directly on your site or via social networks. You can install secure payment buttons on networks to make purchases easier.  

Optimization and Security  

Your payment page must be responsive since more and more users are using their smartphones as well as their computers to make their online purchases. 

You can integrate the different payment methods available on your e-commerce in a box specifying that these are secure payments. Depending on the payment module you choose to integrate with your site, you can use tools to evaluate the performance of your payment page and be able to improve it.