Easel Stands For Your Painting: Part 2


A display easel stand should be sturdy and strong to be able to hold your painting, thankfully these days companies offer two types of display easel stand, a wooden one and an aluminium one. Both are sturdy enough to hold a painting or two. Depending on which aesthetic the room going to be, a wooden easel is perfect if you want to give a more rustic, original, and nature-inspired look to the room. An aluminium easel is perfect if you want to give a more futuristic, modern, and technology-inspired look to the room and the painting, most of the time, aluminium easel is painted black so please have that in mind when you are choosing an aluminium easel.


Another plus to the aluminium display easel stand is that, because it is made from aluminium, it does not weigh much, mostly it weighs around 900 grams. How about the wooden display easel one? Well, again because it is made from wood so it will weigh a bit more, usually it weighs around 1.95 kilograms, still much lighter considering a normal wood easel stand for painting weighs around 5 kilograms.


There you go, some ideas on how you can use an easel stand to showcase your painting.


If you arelooking for an easel stand in Singapore, you can check our page or you can google your local printing company. You can send them a message or call their number, they should be able to respond to you within minutes.