While Chatbots are always more popular, all trades are looking to see if using a conversational agent would be relevant on their website.  

The question particularly arises for e-merchants, for which the experience offered to the customer on the site is more than decisive.  

Chatbots Offer Help Throughout the Customer Journey  

Numerous studies study the potential of Chatbots for commercial sites. Let’s try to understand how a chatbot can serve your e-commerce site at every step of the customer journey.  

Arrival On the Website  

As your potential customer reaches one of your landing pages, the chatbot can be doubly useful: 

It can send a welcome message to the visitor to introduce the conversation;  

It can direct him to a specific page according to his request.  

This can have a beneficial impact on your bounce rate: Internet users arriving on a new site sometimes feel a bit lost, which can push them to leave immediately. By welcoming them and guiding them, you limit this risk.  

The Search for Products  

As an e-merchant, you need to be familiar with the concept of cart abandonment. If it is possible to relaunch customers leaving the site before they have paid, the ideal remains to guard against it to reduce the phenomenon.  

And a Chatbot Can Help You:  

First, by making product suggestions based on the needs of the customer;  

But also by promoting certain products or offering a attractive flyer printing with vouchers to obtain conversions.