Seeking Advice  

Once a product that your customer sees, they will probably look for additional information to make their choice more comfortable.  

Again, the chatbot can be immensely helpful:  

It can answer, in a standardized way, the simple questions that the visitor may ask;  

It can redirect the client to a competent person (client manager) in the event of a more complex request.  

After the Purchase  

Once the payment is confirmed, your work is not done yet, getting feedback from your customers is very important, not only to improve yourself, but also to be able to post positive reviews on your products – online shoppers rely heavily on it. 

The Added Value of a Chatbot for An E-Commerce Site   

If a conversational agent will never replace a real relationship with a human, the chatbot has certain benefits that can significantly improve your customer support.  

First, the robot can interact with many visitors, 24/7. Available every moment, unlike humans, you will be able to help all visitors to your website, regardless of their number and regardless of the time zone of the country from which they come. 

Its second advantage is that it can ask qualifying questions to identify the most serious prospects and generate leads.  

Finally, it carries out a targeted follow-up of the most suitable prospects to be transformed. 

Chatbots Have a Future  

In today’s environment, e-commerce has become highly competitive. Differentiate yourself from your competitors by setting up a chatbot.  

Many tools exist to create your chatbot, like:  

  • Intercom,  
  • BotXO,  
  • BOTNATION AI, for example  

Did You Know?  

85% of customer-brand interactions will involve the use of chatbots in 2022.  

As an e-merchant, it’s essential to get up to speed with your competitors, or even start thinking about tomorrow!  

At this stage studies show that more and more e-merchants are being more tech savy and are introducing  e-commerce chatbot and digital namecard printing. Indeed, to date, 4 out of 5 companies would already use a chatbot on their e-commerce site! What are you waiting for to set up yours?